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With so many assumptions and myths about organ donation, it’s important to understand the facts. Help Go Recycle Yourself in our effort to spread the truth and save lives.

people might take my organs and sell them on the black market.

Truth is

federal law prohibits buying and selling organs in the U.S. and violators are punished to the fullest extent of the law.

my health issues would restrict me from donating.

Truth is

anyone and everyone can sign up to be a donor regardless of medical history. Organ and tissue viability will be evaluated at the time of death or to evaluate for living donation.

my religion might not support organ donation.

Truth is

most major religions in the U.S. do support donation and view it as a final, selfless gift. Check out our faith and donation handout for more info.

I wouldn’t be able to have an open casket funeral after donation.

Truth is

if an open casket funeral was an option before donation, it will still be an option after donation. Donors are always treated with the utmost respect.

donating my organs would leave my family with expensive hospital bills.

Truth is

your donation costs nothing extra to your family.

doctors wouldn’t try to save my life because I’ve registered as an organ and tissue donor.

Truth is

doctors are never authorized to remove any organs until the donor is declared brain dead and all known life saving measures have failed.

I could only donate after I’ve died.

Truth is

thousands of living donors are able to donate healthy organs each year. A living donation is a viable option and common for kidney, partial liver, and partial lung donations. Living donation is also possible with blood and bone marrow

TV shows make organ donation look dangerous, unorganized and messy.

Truth is

organ donation has been subject to dramatization in TV and movies in the past. This perpetuates misconceptions about organ donation that simply aren’t true.

my age would restrict me from donating.

Truth is

there’s no age limit to organ donation. Donors under 18 can make their decision known to their guardians!

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